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My first favorite picture

January 26th, 2014

There it is... my first favorite picture.   I had come across a little bit of money ya see, and I had a tough decision to make, do I spend this $700 bucks on paragliding lessons or do I spend it on a Nikon camera.  I had grown up loving airplanes and flying.  I also had grown up around an older brother (15 years older) who loved to spend time with me and who dabbled in photography from time to time.  He never taught me how to take photos or fly but his story of when he took his Minolta 35mm film camera to the Oakland airport to take some pictures of airplanes has always stuck with me.  

So the story goes, "I drove over to the closest parking lot I could find next to the huge maintenance hanger.  Hopped out the car, climbed over the fence and started shooting away, just walking around the jumbo jets and inside the hanger like I belonged there.  As I started walking back to hop the fence one of the airport officials calls to me asking for my ID.  It's time to run! I hoped the fence, started up the car and sped off, never looking back.  That old guy never had a chance of catching me anyway.  I  drove straight to a one hour photo lab, spooled up the film canister and opened up the back of my camera only to find that I had forgotten to put in a roll of film."

I've managed to capture a picture here that most people including my brother, never get the opportunity to capture, simply because at the time I worked as a ramper at Southwest Airlines in Oakland and had access to the "secure areas," but that's not why it's my favorite.  I like it because it was my first attempt combining a couple of technical elements, motion blur, panning, long exposure and post processing techniques.  But that's not why it's my favorite.  It's my favorite because it makes me think of him.  Of how he befriended his little bro and how much that meant to me as a child.  

Thanks bro, for taking me to A's games with your friends, teaching me to dance, making sure that I knew it's time to get funky fresh when Brick House started playing, teaching me to drive (not really, putting me in your lap and making me believe that I had total control of the vehicle was really scary actually), and reminding me that my shirts not too small, it's my chest that's too big.

Here's to you Michael, here's to photography, flying and family.


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